Basic Facilities

Constitutional Provisions

Article 25A. The State shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of five to sixteen years in such manner as may be determined by law.
Article 31 (1) The State shall endeavor (a) to make the teaching of the Holy Quran and Islamiat compulsory.
Article 37(a) The State shall promote, with special care…, the economic interests of backward classes or areas;
Article 37(c) The State shall make technical and professional education generally available and higher education equally accessible to all on the basis of merit;
Article 38(b) The State shall provide for all citizens, within the available resources of the country, facilities for work…;
Article 38(c) The State shall provide for all persons employed in the service of Pakistan or otherwise, social security by compulsory social insurance or other means;
Article 38(d) The State shall provide basic necessities of life, such as food, clothing, housing, education and medical relief, for all such citizens, irrespective of sex, caste, creed or race, as are permanently or temporarily unable to earn their livelihood on account of infirmity, sickness or unemployment.

Proposed Way Forward

A. Education
Free and compulsory education to all children of ages between 5 and 16 years be provided by State through private or trust schools against a fixed fee of Rs.1500 (avg.) per month for each registered student payable to the educational institution by the State. All state schools be converted into trusts to be run by present staff. No fee payable to any institution by students. Teaching of Holy Quran be made compulsory and students be assessed for their understanding of Quran in Grade 10 in national language. A polytechnic University and the Entrepreneurial Development Center be established in each district to provide proper skills set and ethics to youth in all fields ranging from engineering, medical, agriculture etc. The cost involved in this proposal will be within the present Budgeted Expenditure even by including 20-25 million presently out of school children in it.
B. Health
All citizens to have free primary health care services provided by the Primary Healthcare Centers (PHC)s owned and operated by private sector doctors against a fixed fee of Rs.100 per registered person per month payable by the State to PHCs. Secondary and Specialized health care services to be provided through trust based hospitals against no consideration for advance cost. The patient shall have the right to pay the cost as per his/her affordability with balance to be matched out of Zakat fund or tax money. Private sector hospitals allowed to the citizens opting for same. The expenditure involved will be well within the available resources.
C. Food
All steps leading to self-sufficiency and creating export potential in value added natural food. The most important part of the food is clean drinking water, which can be supplied through filtration plants established on PPP basis by the youth to be payable against the volume of water supplied. The increase in the agriculture yield through the steps explained under the agriculture sector shall ensure supply of sufficient food to all people. The nutritious value and quality of food to be ensured on modern lines through establishment of food laboratories and research centers in private sector.

D. Housing
50,000 acres’ land be provided by State in existing Urban Areas to develop 5 million multiple storey apartments on PPP basis with 25% share of State for economically weaker section of society within five years. Prime State lands in urban areas be used for commercial activities and generation of funds for state housing programs. Rural areas be regenerated by providing county complexes housing all public functions and infrastructure for new agri business and residential areas. 5 million houses be also built in rural areas. No citizen can hold more than one house/plot in urban area to be applicable fully in four years. However, companies be allowed to develop multi storey apartments for rent. All vacant plots be allowed 2 years to construct. No selling of plots allowed. No new / ground housing schemes be allowed in existing Urban Centers.

Regeneration of Urban/Rural area older than 50 years. Land use change not allowed. Only the State can change land use through open auction. All present lands in urban limits or 5km outer radius be reserved for forests with state to pay the lease to owners.

E. Transport
All cities and towns to have comprehensive and well-coordinated surface bus transport systems (Primary and Feeder routes) with shady walkways and smart stops. All mega cities and towns to be progressively made vehicles free cities in daytime within four years with only highest tax payers and constitutional assignment holders to have electric cars. Use of taxi cars allowed. No import of private vehicles. License to own locally manufactured private vehicles be allowed @ 100% of value of vehicle valid for five years.