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Frequently asked questions

What is Guardians Pakistan?

It is a People’s force. A cause, a forum to initiate an intellectual discourse in political field over the National issues to pull this Great Nation out of highly exploitative, hypocritic and inefficient system.

Guardians Pakistan is initiating public discussion on following indispensably essential sectors:

  • Governance
  • Economy
  • Basic Facilities
  • National Language
Why should I follow Guardians Pakistan?

We are not asking you to follow us, rather we want you to be a leader yourself and lead this cause. You can be the harbinger of change. Guardians Pakistan is not just another forum, rather we want you to realize your potential while upholding the supremacy of constitution.

Who is the founder of Guardians Pakistan?

Mr. Wasem Afzal, an engineer turned businessman is the founder of Guardians Pakistan. He owns multiple businesses and is a proud taxpayer of the country.

Who can join Guardians Pakistan?

Anyone! We encourage youth and experts to come forward and steer this cause. Guardians Pakistan welcomes everyone.

How can I become a member of Guardians Pakistan?

There is a special program ‘Be a Guardian’ through which you can become more than only a member. You can log in on our website and share related Photo/video content. You shall be the guardian of constitution and work beside other fellow guardians to uphold the constitutional supremacy.


‘Be a Guardian’ is an initiative which will encourage you to take photographs and videos of the problems you see around you and share them on this website making them visible to millions of Guardians and even respected departments the problem lies within. Anyone can become a guardian. The motive behind this initiative is to make you a rather proactive member of society, while staying within the limits prescribed by constitution.

You can become a Guardian by filling the following form. You will be contacted shortly.

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