Food & Agriculture

Article 38(d) The State shall provide basic necessities of life, such as food…, for all such citizens as are permanently or temporarily unable to earn their livelihood on account of infirmity, sickness or unemployment; Article 37(f) The State shall enable the people of different areas, through education, training, agricultural and industrial development and other methods, to participate fully in all forms of national activities…;

Way Forward

Farmer be provided all inputs and rental equipment at his choice without any payment through banks counter guaranteed by State from Agri Centers established at County level and the cost be charged out of the produce with farmer to receive balance payment again at Agri Center. No restriction in the name of licensing on agro based industry such as sugar, wheat, corn etc.

Only regions be fixed with every person allowed. Green house estates be developed and value-added agriculture with export potential be given top priority. Farmers Markets in Urban centers be established. All steps leading to self-sufficiency and creating export potential in value added natural food.