Article 37(a) The State shall promote, with special care…, the economic interests of backward classes or areas; Article 38(d) The State shall provide basic necessities of life, such as…housing… for all such citizens as are permanently or temporarily unable to earn their livelihood on account of infirmity, sickness or unemployment;

Way Forward

100,000 acres’ land be provided by State in existing Urban Areas to develop 10 million multiple storey apartments on PPP basis with 25% share of State for economically weaker section of society within five years. Prime State lands in urban areas be used for commercial activities and generation of funds for state housing programs.

Rural areas be regenerated by providing county complexes housing all public functions and infrastructure for new agri business and residential areas. No citizen can hold more than one house/plot in urban area to be applicable fully in four years. However, companies be allowed to develop multi storey apartments for rent. All vacant plots be allowed 2 years to construct. No selling of plots allowed. No new / ground housing schemes be allowed in existing Urban Centers. Regeneration of Urban/Rural area older than 50 years. Land use change not allowed. Only the State can change land use through open auction. All present lands in urban limits or 5km outer radius be reserved for forests with state to pay the lease to owners.