Structural Issues


Shouldn’t we, the people of Pakistan, come out of state of denial and admit our failure in running the affairs of our state leading to extreme deterioration of our ethical values, social structure and economic conditions?

Shouldn’t we admit the fact that whole of our system is breathing in a colonial styled state controlled inefficient environment with no space for our talented youth? Should we ignore the fact that our prevalent governance paradigm hardly allows any state service without the influence and whole of our system has been taken over by white collar parasite syndrome? Whereas, the unparalleled resilient nation is made to drive the failing state with ailing economy with the last drop of its blood in such a corrupt and exploitative system and then charged with being unethical and tax evader by the oligarchy living and thriving upon economy generated by us, the unethical tax evaders. This legitimate or illegitimate wealth is then parked by oligarchy in dead sectors of economy such as real estate, jewelry, foreign currency and luxury vehicles thereby bleeding and depriving our economy from such hard earned money.  

Should we leave our children to live in this highly exploitative and hypocritic system?
Let`s pledge a “NO” and resolve to give our coming generations an independent, efficient and fair environment.
Let’s leave hypocrisy behind and look forward to fix the structural problem in our statecraft.

Let’s understand that the time has come to be pragmatic and pull ourselves out of darkness of ignorance and to question ourselves as to our performance viz-a-viz our Constitutional obligations:

  1. Islam: Whether we have made Quran and Sunnah our Supreme Constitution under Articles 2A, 31 and 227 of Constitution?
  2. Education and National Language: Whether we are providing free and compulsory education to all children of ages between 5 and 16 years under Article 25A of Constitution and whether we could make teaching of Holy Quran compulsory under Article 31(a) of Constitution? Whether we could implement Urdu language for official and other purpose within 15 years under Article 251 of Constitution?
  3. Protection, Freedom and Equality: Whether we could ensure protection, freedom and equality under Articles 4, 5, 10, 10A, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 19A, 25 of Constitution?
  4. Social Justice: Whether we could ensure elimination of all forms of exploitation… under Article 3? Whether we could promote educational and economic interests of backward classes or areas under Article 37(a), remove illiteracy… under Article 37(b), make technical and professional education generally available, higher education equally accessible to all on merit under Article 37(c)? Whether we could provide inexpensive and expeditious justice under Article 37(d)? whether we could make provision for securing just humane conditions of work… under Article 37(e)? Whether we could enable the people through education, training, agriculture and industrial development to participate in national activities under Article 37(f)? Whether we could decentralize Government administration to meet the convenience of public under Article 37(i) of Constitution?
  5. Well Being of People: Whether we could ensure elimination of all forms of exploitation… under Article 3? Whether we could achieve well-being of people by preventing concentration of wealth and means of production in few hands under Article 38(a)? Whether we could provide for all citizens, within the available resources of country, facilities for work and adequate livelihood under Article 38(b)? Whether we could provide social security by compulsory social insurance or other means under Article 38(c)? Whether we could provide basic facilities of life such as food, clothing, housing, education, medical relief to people with infirmity, sickness or unemployment under Article 38(d)? Whether we could reduce disparity in incomes and earnings of individuals under Article 38(e)? Whether we could eliminate riba as early as possible under Article 38(f) of Constitution?

Let`s admit our failure to carry forward our Will contained in The Constitution.

Let`s stop cursing our destiny and renew our faith in ourselves being the Guardians of Pakistan to achieve our lost destination “Great Pakistan – Prosperous Nation”

  1. Education without direction
  2. Colonial Styled Governance
  3. Dead Real Estate Sector
  4. Wasteful Tax Money Spending